Rouleau Communications | Public Relations & Marketing

We Do

Specialize in getting high-end, niche companies heard and seen, by securing relevant and valuable editorial features in media outlets.

Curate outreach for each client, by connecting with editors, writers, and reporters individually. For real.

Maintain strong relationships with clients – many of whom we’ve worked with years.

Believe in having fun. Professional doesn’t have to mean robotic. There are real people on the other end of that email. We are real people. Chances are, you are, too.

Respond. Always.

Listen. A rather large communication problem is listening simply to reply. We listen to understand.

Recommend you peruse the rest of our site. We’re occasionally amusing, and really good at what we do.

We Don’t

Distribute pitches en masse. “Dear Colleague”… um, no.

Hang our hat on the dreaded press release. (When was the last time you read one?)

Work with a client if we don’t believe in them or their product/service. Sorry, sometimes we have to say no.

Make promises we can’t keep.

Do advertising.

Recommend leaving our site yet.

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